Thursday, May 31, 2007

Travel date imminent?

We heard from our adoption agency (Children's Home Society and Family Services) yesterday that they expect to hear on 6/7 whether Sidamo's case has made it through court. If it has, our official travel date will likely be about four weeks later. We're planning on arriving in Ethiopia about a week early so we can travel a bit.

Greg is heading up the research committee on where we should explore for the week. Right now, Lalibela is a definite yes. Lalibela is home of ancient, rock-hewn Coptic churches dating back to the 12th century. Like this one.

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It's hard to believe how close we are to actually going to bring our little guy home. We're very excited, but I for one am also absolutely terrified. I had a little bit of a panic attack after hearing yesterday that we should know about travel soon. Not that I haven't been counting down the days for this news to come, but it made me just the teensiest bit terrified of the whole parenting thing. Several times a day I'm reminded of all the things I don't know about how to raise a toddler. I keep reading and reading, thinking I'll eventually have that a-ha moment in which I figure out exactly how to bring up a healthy, happy, well-adjusted kid who has nothing but good things to say about his mom. Maybe it's in the next chapter?

This weekend my sister Meaghan, her husband Andrew, and her kids Catherine (5) and George (2) visited from New York for my baby shower. It was wonderful to see them. George did a bang-up job in pointing out all the holes in our baby-proofing, and they were plenty. He was completely enamored with the dogs. The dogs not so much with him. Actually, they did quite well together, but they were a little perplexed about this tiny little screechy man who all of a sudden ruled their house. I think when the girls realize little kids pretty much always have food particles stuck to them, they'll adjust.

Here are some cute pictures from the local (and somewhat run-down, but very retro-cool) amusement park.


Kent D said...

Julia and I know exactly how you feel. We worried about how we'd do with our toddler since we are brand new parents. Ella has been incredibly patient with our rookie moves. We are now, finally, in the habit of taking the diaper bag with us on every outing. I can't count the times we got to a resturant to realize the bag was at home. And yes, the food dropping will help with the dogs.


Vali said...

Love the blog! Can't wait to see pictures of you with Sid on it. :)