Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy boy

Sidamo has discovered television (so many of my principles have gone out the window in the past week—he's also had sugar and spent a day in disposable diapers), and he's completely enamored. Here he is pointing and hollering "eshi!" at some inane TV show. Eshi is an Amharic word that roughly translates to "OK", but Sidamo uses it for pretty much everything from "Can I have that?" to "Look, there's a bird!"

And here is some after-bath tickle time, which puts him in hysterics. He loves, loves, loves his bath—especially the part where he douses us by splashing his toys around.

As you can see, things are going quite well overall. We've been battling some nasty poops, but we took him off dairy yesterday and things are already much improved. Today was his first pediatrician's appointment, and the poor guy had to fork over 10 vials of blood. It was pure torture, and I still can't believe he has forgiven us already for our part in it. All a testament to his resilient and loving constitution.


sara-lou said...

He is sooooooo adorable!!! I can't wait to play!!!

diane hampton said...

Welcome home!!! What an amazing smile - he is absolutely precious! It is going to be so interesting to see and explore his new world with him. What does he think of Saffron and Daisy? I'm dying to bring Marcus & Madeleine to come and play. Love you!

Sam said...

I'm loving the idea of Sid screaming "Eshi" at the TV! :) He looks completely fantastic and adorable, BTW. We're still playing the Sidamo phone game at our house. Good luck w/the poops (Molly's actually got better when we put her back ON dairy. I can't explain that one at all.) Lots of love, Liza