Friday, February 1, 2008

There's definitely something in there

That is, other than the two bowls of cereal, handful of nuts, banana, and half a burrito I've eaten already today (no, it's not quite noon yet). Evidence: I felt the first kicks from the outside yesterday, and Greg was able to feel a few too. It's bizarre and alien feeling, but very cool. Second piece of evidence: my enormous belly, finally caught on film.

Sidamo and I are having a fun day today. This morning we played with all the bath toys in the sink for a long, long time. This afternoon we have a playdate with a toddler girl who was adopted from Ethiopia a few months before Sidamo. Odd coincidence: Her mom is also expecting baby number two in June. Sidamo and his little friend should have a lot to talk about.


Heather & Adam said...

You look so beautiful! Seriously, move aside Liv Tyler! I'm so happy we got a peek at the belly.
Sidamo looks like Charlie's kind of buddy. Wish we lived closer. :(
Let's meet at the picnic...NEXT summer!!

Alicia said...

You have the CUTEST belly!! Lookin' great!

I love that 2nd picture of Sidamo. What a cutie! Water is always a huge hit here too. :)

maia said...

Lucky for you, it looks gorgeous on you!

Heather & Adam said...

How many weeks along are you again? I forgot how far apart we are.