Sunday, April 27, 2008

Insert your favorite expletive here

I'm having big, big computer problems. A computer catastrophe, more like. Somehow, in my attempt to clean up my hard drive, I deleted my entire Entourage user database, so all my saved emails, contacts, calendar, etc., have disappeared. Of course, all the info I need for a few upcoming articles (and the newsletter that's due tomorrow) exists only in those emails. And no, I haven't backed up lately, but thanks for asking.


I'm taking my computer up to Boulder in the morning to see if the only Mac guy I know can fix it. Fingers crossed, please.

And Allison, if you're reading this, I might have to reschedule lunch. Would you email or call me if you see this? I don't have your contact info now that, you know, all my contacts have evaporated.

Again, *%$*&#@#!!!!!! And again, please cross your fingers and hope for the speedy and successful recovery of my data. If the powers that be should take pity upon me, I swear I'll do all sorts of good deeds—and back up my computer frequently.


Anonymous said...

Try the genius bar if the guy you know cant help. I know its kinda a stretch for the Mac store to help more then purchasing stuff.. But Ive used it on my old IMac, and they fixed our prob. on Kims Mac Book. At least its another shot at seeing if they can find the missing info for you. Good luck! And a good tip to me to clear out my email info into folders.

Brian Bell

cathy said...

Total bummer. Major. There is no expletive that suits the situation. Fingers crossed...

rebekah said...

I was able to recover stuff I lost off my desktop on my mac this past winter. It took a long day, but was possible. Good luck.

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

I"m glad to hear the catastrophe was diverted. I would've had a coronary. I remember driving hell-bent from Vail to that Mac store in Boulder one day when my computer crashed in the middle of a newspaper assignment...with the deadline that evening. I hope to never repeat that particular heart attack.