Friday, May 16, 2008

The delivery I'm really excited for

Sure I'm looking forward to meeting this baby, but most of all I miss my wine.


FrogMom said...

I always thought you were probably classier than me - this proves it.

However, I do have a very exclusive box wine drinking Mama's club that you are welcome to join if you reach that point when #2 arrives...just take my advice and stay away from the "chillable red".

Lindsay and Cindy said...

10 months is a long time to be without wine...almost there though

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Haha! Good picture.

Heather & Adam said...

Mmmmm....Can we share a bottle?!

Heather & Adam said...

Okay, Okay...we'll share your 3rd bottle. Hiccup!

Cindy said...

Mmmm, hmmmm, that is most def one of the many perks of adopting. We can continue to abuse our bodies without a care in the world.

Froggie mama, we're closet box winers too. Oh, the shame.