Thursday, October 23, 2008

What was that about "Country First"?

I've been getting at least one piece of mail daily from the RNC—apparently they're casting a pretty wide net, since I'm a registered Democrat. Most of them give me a chuckle (a huge picture of Palin with a tiny John McCain off in the background, messages placing the blame for the financial crisis squarely on Obama, and so forth). But the latest one was just disgusting. The front features a menacing picture of the nose of a jet plane aimed at a building and reads, "Terrorists: They don't care who they hurt." Inside is a big image of McCain's opponent with the message, "Barack Obama. Not who you think he is."

I'm all for a gloves-off debate about the issues—this is an important election, and people need to be informed about who they're voting for—but this? Playing games with our nation's worst tragedy in recent memory, and using not-so-subtle innuendo to suggest your opponent is somehow linked to it? It makes my stomach turn.

For the record, when asked if he was proud of this ad, McCain responded, "Absolutely."

How's that for Country First?


Julie said...

Yuck, Blech, and Yuck. Absolutely disgusting.

cathy said...

Wow. I hadn't seen that flyer before you posted it. Yuck and double-yuck.

Alicia said...

Oh good grief, I've gotten the same stuff over the past week or so and was so royally ticked off. And yeah, registered Democrat...thought I would be spared!

Qiuqiu's parents said...

That one enraged me as well. Apalling.