Monday, December 8, 2008


We've done a decent job so far of sheltering our kids (and more importantly, our ears) from electronic toys, but with birthdays, holidays, and personal tastes emerging, it's becoming less and less possible. Really, though, I'm starting to admit that my avoidance is more about my own personal distaste for beeps and buzzes than it is about parenting principles. And I'm also realizing that there's no way to deny the pure joy that this, courtesy of Aunt Lisa, Uncle Chris, and Scarlett, has brought to Sidamo:

Really, it's as though this product was designed for specifically for him—computers and Cars in one package? Couldn't be better. This morning, Greg left for work and tried to buy me and Nora a little sleep-in time by planting Sidamo in his room with the laptop. It worked in a way a pile of books does not. When I went in, about 15 minutes after Greg left, I found Sidamo punching random keys and staring at the screen rather intently. I said, "Morning, sweetie, are you playing with your new computer?" He looked up at me and, very seriously, said, "I'm working, Mommy."

Okay, technology, you win.


Heather & Adam said... is almost impossible to avoid! Charlie is hooked on the Nintendo DS (handheld thingy) BUT he only gets to play for an hour a day IF his teacher tells me he was good at school. I plan on using it on the plane, too. You will be amazed at how good Damo will get on that thing!

FrogMom said...

Welcome to my world! I have given up on this whole issue. If the singing Gabriella doll is what she really really really wants, then darn it that is what she is getting.

Cindy said...

Have to admit, I will get my kids anything if it buys a little happiness and alone time. Funny, I don't mind beeps and buzzers at all and even kind of enjoy the sounds. Soothing "we are happy" sounds. :) Bring it on Cars and Elmo, we love you!