Sunday, September 20, 2009

The first of many Ohio posts

Last week we visited my father at his B&B in Amish Country, Ohio. We were there last year too, but this year Greg came with me—as did our new (and awesome) camera, so I have pictures aplenty. Pour yourself a nice drink, get comfy, and enjoy.

Let's kick off with some gratuitous cute photos.

My dad, as you can see below, has found his own personal heaven on these four rolling acres in the middle of hilly, Amishy, farm country. He has a prolific garden, generous neighbors, a doting wife, and a new horse named Sam (you'll meet him soon).

The guests at the B&B seem to love the hospitality and the idyllic setting, and I can't blame them. We had a lovely time catching up with family, feeding animals, taking scenic drives, and enjoying the simple pleasures (yes, that's the name of the B&B) of farmy, Amishy life.

In fact, I came home and immediately (re)started researching urban chicken keeping. Greg immediately (re)started researching arguments against urban chicken keeping. Go ahead, pick sides.

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Patti said...

BEAUTIFUL Pics!! I can't wait to go there one day!