Friday, October 9, 2009


Just recently Sidamo has started taking an interest in Batman and friends. He hasn't seen the movies, but the merch is unavoidable.

Today Sidamo pulled his sweatshirt hood over his eyes, sort of in cape/mask fashion, and started yelling, "I'm Bitt-Man!"

"Bitt-Man?" I asked. "Who's Bitt-Man?"

"He's a superhero!" Sidamo replied, while doing his caped, masked superhero moves.

"Bitt-Man?" I asked, racking my brain. "You mean, like Mark Bittman? The one who wrote that cookbook?"

"Yes! Bitt-Man! I'm Bitt-Man!"

Okay, I'll bite. "What's your superpower?"

"I teach Daddy how to make pancakes!"

Finally, a superhero I can get behind. Now where's the Bitt-Man merch?


D said...

Does Walmart carry Bittman adult size?!! I'm now having Bittman fantasies that go beyond H'ween! ;)

Alicia said...

LMAO! I love it!! Sidamo, please send Bittman to our house to teach our daddy too, ok? :)

Alex said...

Now you have a use for the fleece! Bittman would love a superhero outfit in black and gold!