Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ohio, part 3: Eliza's visit

When we were in Ethiopia picking up Sidamo, we fell in love with one of his little roomies, Lechame. She was teensy and delicate and had the sweetest, shyest smile. When we came home, I sort of stalked her a little bit and tracked down the family that adopted her so I could stalk them too. Well, as luck would have it, they live only a short drive from my father's home in Ohio, so we were able to see them last time we visited and this time too. And as luckier would have it, Eliza's mom Alicia is super cool, so we get to have fun while watching the most adorable children on earth.

This is right after Eliza asked Nora to be her maid of honor.

Keep trying, Eliza, he'll come around.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Damoisms, take 2

Ell bell = elbow
Far there = farther
Also = or else (though it also means also; he thinks they're the same word)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Little Norasaur is proving to be completely obsessed with animals. We should have known when "dog" was among her first words. Her first two-syllable word? Daisy (which she screams anytime she hears a dog bark). So the Ohio trip was especially fun for her.

Sidamo is also a little obsessed with animals, but mostly in the keep-a-close-eye-on-them-lest-they-sneak-up-and-eat-you way. He was much braver this time around, though, even feeding the deer and coming sort of close to touching the horse.

Behind the B&B is a deer farm.

We gathered fallen apples from the apple tree, sliced it, and endeared ourselves to the deer the only way we know how—with tasty treats.

Even Damo gave it a whirl.

That's right, learn to trust humans. I'm sure where you're going that will come in handy. (Cheney and friends, you can thank us now.)

Here's Sam, my dad and Carol Lee's new horse. He's absolutely beautiful—shining coat, stout build, and wonderful temperament. He can't be ridden, but he allegedly pulls a mean buggy.

Nora spent a considerable part of the trip trying to scale the fence to hug Sam.

Sam didn't love that idea.

And then there was the petting zoo at the pumpkin patch (more on the patch in a future post). Nora toddled right up to the goat pen and started pulling grass and weeds to feed to the hungry goats, with no prodding whatsoever. She was completely enamored, even after two small-scale assaults (the first of which you'll see below). She's a lady after my own heart—I'm completely fascinated with goats and have been lobbying for one for years, but a certain someone is standing in my way. Maybe my next husband will be less concerned with silly details like city ordinances.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The first of many Ohio posts

Last week we visited my father at his B&B in Amish Country, Ohio. We were there last year too, but this year Greg came with me—as did our new (and awesome) camera, so I have pictures aplenty. Pour yourself a nice drink, get comfy, and enjoy.

Let's kick off with some gratuitous cute photos.

My dad, as you can see below, has found his own personal heaven on these four rolling acres in the middle of hilly, Amishy, farm country. He has a prolific garden, generous neighbors, a doting wife, and a new horse named Sam (you'll meet him soon).

The guests at the B&B seem to love the hospitality and the idyllic setting, and I can't blame them. We had a lovely time catching up with family, feeding animals, taking scenic drives, and enjoying the simple pleasures (yes, that's the name of the B&B) of farmy, Amishy life.

In fact, I came home and immediately (re)started researching urban chicken keeping. Greg immediately (re)started researching arguments against urban chicken keeping. Go ahead, pick sides.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome, littlest cousin

Scarlett has a new baby brother, and he's beautiful. Name is not yet official, so I'll hold off on sharing.

So teensy! I can't believe Nora was ever this size. Or Greg, for that matter.

Sidamo was enamored. Nora less so—she was careful to keep herself between the baby and my boobs at all times, just in case.

Baby boy with Pappy.

Bro/sis bonding on the ride home.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snake boy

We went to a neighborhood festival this weekend, and Sidamo wanted to get his face painted. We've only done that once before, and he HATED it, so I was surprised that he wanted to give it a try again. I'm glad he did, though, because look how flipping cool this is. He chose "Serpentine."

A little creepy, no? Turns out he thought so, too—he couldn't sleep at naptime because he was afraid of his face. Poor kid.

Baby sister loved it, though. This is one of their favorite activities lately: Walking together holding hands. Kinda ridiculously cute.

Not our best family photo, what with Sidamo's disguise and mama's tear-streaked face. We made the decision this weekend to put Daisy down after our second very, very difficult night in a week (she's an 11-year-old Great Dane with spinal degeneration). We decided we'd spend one more week together and have our vet come over this coming Saturday to help us say goodbye. But apparently Daisy heard us make the call, because she has caught a second wind and is as perky as ever. So the appointment is canceled, and we'll just continue to play it by ear and enjoy whatever time we have left together.

Getting old sucks, FYI.