Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunscreen season

Okay, folks, I clearly need some help with sunscreens on Sidamo's beautiful skin. Because of a seriously pervasive family history of melanoma, I'm a little obsessed with sun protection. And yes, I get that Sidamo won't be affected by my cursed genes—lucky devil. Still, sun protection is important for precious little people of all shades, so we slather it on him on just about all of Colorado's 300 days of sunshine.
What complicates this is the fact that I'm also a little obsessed with natural health, and if you've been following the sunscreen controversy, you know that there are all kinds of health concerns associated with chemical sunscreens. That leaves us using physical blocks that use zinc oxide, and that means white paste that doesn't rub in.

Not a huge deal when your skin is pasty white to begin with (see: me, Greg, Nora), but when your skin is a beautiful, chocolatey brown like this little man's, the result is a little less flattering.

So what do you advise? If you or your littles have non-albino skin, what's your sunscreen policy? How do you balance the need for sun protection with the need to not look like you're bathing in cold cream?

Tell us or we crush your head.


Anonymous said...

You could try mixing in some dark foundation with it to look better, then it's more like a tinted moisturizer. Fashion Fair and Iman cosmetics are great for black skin--that's what I use on my 2 year old. Ok, not really. Honestly, we just use the mineral stuff and deal with the ghostliness. I do think that the Badger line isn't quite as chalky as the others, but there's no avoiding it really.

Lisa said...

Why do you think my kids are always wearing silly hats? We use Badger, but the hat is the first line of defense. John and I are very obsessed with melanoma prevention for many reasons.