Monday, November 1, 2010


We're scraping bottom again, so it's time to plan. Here's what I'm thinking of doing this week:
  • White Bean and Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Oil
  • Pasta with Tender Greens (using beet greens and chard from the garden)
  • Fried Rice with Tofu and Veggies (don't have a recipe, but I can concoct one if there's interest)
  • Leftover Lentil Tacos
  • More Pizza (in case I haven't mentioned it before, I should make it known that I make the best pizza between the coasts. If you live between the coasts, you know that's not saying much.) 
While we're on the topic of yummy family food, be sure to check out my friend Lauren's new blog: Cookbook Recipe Mom. It's the source of the Pasta recipe above, and so far all the recipes I've seen there look like ones that would go over very well in this house. The blog, in Lauren's words, "is about seeking, testing, and reviewing healthy, easy recipes that my whole family likes—and, yes, we've got some picky eaters in the mix."


Anonymous said...

Ya know, when I scrape bottom, my menu looks like this: Anthony's Pizza, pasta from Parisi, Chipotle, and Garbanzo's. Just sayin'.

Lauren said...

Thanks so much! I hope your family likes Lidia's pasta dish. That is very funny about the pizza! You can take the girl out of Jersey... It sounds like a cliche, but actually, I remember when I lived in Oregon for a while I never found a good Attilio's-esque pizza place. All chains.

norrieaga said...

Question: Do you have the Enchanted Broccoli Forest, by Mollie Kazen? I highly recommend it, I used it all the time this summer when I was scraping the bottom, or I didn't know what to do with what (great section on general stir fry rules, which I have been making for years, but I finally read the page, and it opened a whole new realm of veggies and tofu for me). And other amazing ideas.

Deirdre said...

I don't have that cookbook, Norrie. I'll keep an eye out for it—sounds good!