Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Filbert's first photo shoot

I'm terribly late in posting these, because I thought my scanner was dead. Turns out it was just saving files someplace I didn't think to look. Pregnancy brain is real, people.

These are from our big ultrasound at 19 weeks (I'm now 24). Everything checked out great, and it turns out that all suspicions were spot-on and Filbert is, indeed, a boy. And like his siblings, he is pretty darned adorable.

Also like his siblings, he picks his nose. Already.

Things have changed in the 3+ years since last we did this. Now the ultrasound includes 3D images in addition to the 2D ones. Normally 3D pictures of other people's kids freak me out a bit, so I wouldn't have chosen to have it done. I'm glad they did it, though, because when it's your own kid it's actually sort of cute. So weird to see the little features at such a young gestational age—at this point he was less than a pound, and somewhere around 12 inches long. Unfortunately he was hiding his face, but we got a good enough view know that a) he's a looker, and b) he's keeping up the family trend of enormous noggins.

I love how he looks like he's snuggling up and having a good nap. It gives me hope that he might be a better sleeper than his sister. (And it gives me warm fuzzy thoughts of snuggling him out of the womb.)

If all goes well, this will be our last ultrasound of the pregnancy, so no more pics until he makes his debut. It's a little ways off still, but I'm getting excited to meet the little guy!

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hotflawedmama said...

eeeek! Filbert is so handsome! I'm holding out hope he is a better sleeper and snuggler for you! :)