Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sibling love

The big kids' first meeting with their little bro:

All in all, the big ones have adjusted very well to their new sibling. In fact, I think it's brought them closer together, as they're forced to find fun and companionship in each other when mom and dad are busy. Their interest in the baby comes and goes; most mornings Nora comes into our bed to hold the baby for about four seconds, and then she forgets about him for the day. Sidamo is interested in him when he does something interesting, like poop audibly.

We are careful not to let Nora alone with the baby unattended, as her affection can sometimes get a little too, umm, assertive (as we've learned with the chickens). His second night home, Nora asked, "Why does Elliott need to have a sleepover with us?" Greg answered, "Well, he's our baby, so he's going to be having quite a lot of sleepovers with us." She asked, "Why did we need a baby?"

A little later, I saw her walking toward Elliott with a pillow in her outstretched hands: "He's cold, so I'm just going to warm him up."


But fears for Elliott's survival aside, I'd say life is going pretty well so far with three. It has helped that Greg has taken off work, so he has been on big kid duty while I've tended to the baby. The timing is quite lucky, actually: Elliott was born just before the kids' schools closed for two-and-a-half weeks, and I shudder to think what I would have done if I'd been thrown into full-time care of three kids without Greg's (enormous, indescribable, superhuman …) help.


cathy said...

Nora looks angelic in those first few photos. Truly. So sweet. And I'm so glad you're adjusting well and that you're surviving each day. I can't wait to come visit you in the next two weeks. I'll get there!

Now I'm off to hide all the pillows in the house lest my kids get any ideas.

Christina said...

Love the photos. Is Nora trying to breastfeed Elliot? Awesomeness. I'm so glad your transition is going well, and that you've had extra help. And can I just add an "Amen!" to school holiday vacation?! Would not have survived without it.

Pebble to Stone said...

Happy congrats to you!