Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fort Bunk

Over the summer, we did a relatively minor basement renovation to accommodate the baby then known as Filbert. We transformed what was a pass-through/office into a proper bedroom for the big kids, and what was Sidamo's room became the baby's room. It required moving some walls, installing new flooring, adding closets, etc. Oh, and 19 trips to Ikea. I exaggerate, but not by much.

The kids love, love, love their new room. They had both been sharing Nora's old room on the main level, which is now my office, because Sidamo didn't want to be downstairs by himself. We put a lot of effort into making their new room fun, to make up for the fact that it's in the dungeon. One of their favorite features is the bunkbed fort we made for them.

We made the curtains out of plain white sheets, which we tie-dyed. Using about a million rubber bands and as many marbles.

While we were at it, we also dyed their duvet covers and all their stained white shirts.

The kids love the results, as you can see.

Their favorite thing to do is hide in their forts with piles of books and read with the illusion of privacy.

The curtains are attached—Nora's to the bed itself, Sidamo's to the ceiling—using the Kvartal system from Ikea. Total cost for the project was some where in the $60 range.


Mark and Sarah said...

Soooo cool. Kids LOVE forts. I loved forts. I loved private spaces so much that I used to climb under my bed and read, with my book pinned to the slats above me about 2" from my face (ummm, maybe that's why I now require glasses). It felt like another world. I like the curtain idea better :-)

Mama Papaya said...

So stinking cool!

I think I need to make myself a curtained off space somewhere. Like maybe the driver's seat in the car.

cathy said...

I'm laughing at Sarah's comment. It reminded me that I created my own reading nook in my closet as a kid. I think that's why I still like to read in my bedroom with no distractions. I love what you created for your kids. Hmmmmm. Wondering if I could do the same here.

hotflawedmama said...

that is uh-mazing.

Bridget said...