Friday, September 7, 2007

A Boy and His Dog

Sidamo was absolutely terrified by dogs when we first came home, which of course broke my heart—as everyone knows I love my dogs a little too much (just look at the name of this blog). I was so sad to think that I might have to keep Daisy and Saffron separated from the new baby—and therefore me, since he was constantly attached to me. But after a few days Sidamo began to warm up to the pups and now they're getting to be pretty good buddies. He likes to tickle them, and they like to stare at me with a look that says, "Remember when it used to be quiet around here?"

On another note, you might notice that our travel slideshows have been deleted. We had a technical issue and hope to get it resolved soon so we can repost the photos.


lisa said...

Very cute!! I keep avoiding thinking about the meeting between Bronte, Pacha and Sylvie-I'm not expecting scenes like these for a few years! ~lmc

Salome's Mom said...

Too much cuteness! Those are great pictures and so tender.