Monday, October 15, 2007


Crazy week, so I'll keep this short and full of photos.

Sidamo met his cousins George and Catherine (as well as their parents, my sister Meaghan and her husband Andrew) last weekend. All the cousins seem quite fond of each other.

All the cousins at the pumpkin patch

The kid with a kid. I'm glad to have another person in my corner in the fight to convince Greg (and the city of Denver) to allow me to have a goat.

Catherine and Sidamo molesting/feeding the stingrays at the Denver Aquarium

Also at the aquarium, Catherine and Sidamo checking out an overhead display.

All three cousins at the zoo. Poor Sidamo spent the whole time there requesting kangaroos ("Roo? Roo? Roo?"—nope, it never gets old), and when we finally saw them they were all asleep in the distance.

We had a wonderful weekend, and it made us wish we all lived closer together, but we'll all see each other again in December when Greg, Sidamo and I head to New York for Aunt Margie's annual fish dinner.

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cathy said...

I have pictures of my kids at that same spot by the stingrays in the aquarium. Isn't it great??? We'll have to meet there someday. Sid is just so cute. Hope his health is good.