Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All good (and a Halloween preview)

We're just back from the doctor, and everything is great. They were able to tell from initial tests that the heart murmur is harmless, so they didn't need to do the test requiring sedation. Not that Sidamo doesn't seem sedated anyway—the adventure of it all (plus being off food and liquid since last night) wiped him out completely and he's now down for an early nap.

This weekend we went to Boo at the Zoo with Lisa, Chris, Scarlett, Grandpa and Dianne. It was such fun! We thought Sidamo was a goldfish, but someone else called him a koi, so we're going with that. Nothing wrong with a little upclassing! Scarlett was a cute and fluffy chicken. I had to wonder what the animals at the zoo thought about all these little bits of prey tapping at their windows. A special sort of torture, I'm sure.

He actually was less put out by the ensemble than he looks here.

Poor Scarlett was a little embarrassed by the whole thing at first, but she got more comfortable in her chicken skin as the day went on.

Sidamo and Uncle Chris checking out a vintage fire truck.

Dianne, Grandpa and Sidamo learning about the big-horn sheep.

The Bell boys.


Jonathan said...

Excellent news.

Alicia said...

Great news! I'm glad it went well!

That costume of his is one of the cutest I've seen!! He's the most adorable koi! :)