Sunday, November 4, 2007


Sidamo had his first hair cut (at least while in our custody) yesterday. It was a disaster. It all started well, as you can see. He enjoyed watching other people getting their hair cut, and the very nice hairdresser even let him help her use the clippers on another boy's head. Seems like there's potential for some sort of a liability issue, but I guess the other kid did have the option of getting up and running. Once it was Sid's turn in the chair, it became pretty clear that's exactly what he would have done with longer legs.

The hairdresser tried to make him comfortable by showing him the fairies on the gown. That's when he started to get suspicious.

Panic officially set in when clippers made contact with head.

Once he started crying, we thought it might help if he sat on my lap.

That clearly didn't work—he scrambled to try to get to Daddy, so we gave him a try. Little improvement.

It was probably the fastest haircut in history, and the other patrons all cheered when it was done. Poor kid made quite a name for himself, but he did seem pleased with the end result.

Poor guy! I wonder if there are any supplements I can give him to stunt hair growth so we don't have to go through this very often.


Alicia said...

Aww, poor little punkin! I love the progression of the pictures though! Very reminiscent of my son's first haircut - if you're ok with it, we've found that Dum Dum suckers work wonders during haircuts! :)

Stormy said...

I've tried three different ways of cutting my 14 month old's hair.

1) The hairdresser with an adult holding him. This actually worked well because he's so busy looking at everything. (It helped that Frank had him in a death grip: But I decided it looked easy so I'd try it at home ...

2) Me holding him and Frank cutting (in the backyard.) Terrible. He screamed, wiggled, lurched, cried, ... the neighbors probably thought we were killing him.

3) Sitting on the bathroom counter looking in the mirror ... Amazing! I even managed to do it single handed. I'd be glad to lend Greg the clippers for a try ...