Sunday, December 2, 2007

Best month EVER

Welcome, December. Sidamo doesn't know this yet, but he has a big month in store. His birthday is next week, then we're off for a trip to NYC to see the family, and after that, of course, is Christmas. He knows there's something going on, though—there is now a tree in his living room, and that, if nothing else, signals a special occasion.

Things are going great with the little man. He continues to pick up language and use it a lot. Like, non-stop. Today Greg and I were cracking up as Sidamo walked around the house busying himself with all sorts of things, like moving car A to where car B was, and vice versa, all the while rattling off all his words at lightning speed and saying each one like a question. Like this: "Mama? Dada? Daisy? Saffy? Go C-U? Baby? Snowman? Tree? Car? Car? Car? Car? Car?" I wish I could capture it on video, but it's the type of thing that stops when observed.

Here are some photos from today:

These trees are just my size!

Dada and the little man.

Okay, why don't you try to get a good picture of a 2-year-old, two dogs, and a lighted tree.

And a couple from Thanksgiving last week. We sure had a lot to be thankful for this year.

Can someone get this kid a modeling contract?

Scarlett and Sidamo with their Great-Grandmas.


Heather & Adam said...

Great pictures! Sidamo always looks so cute! Love the hat.
What kind of dogs do you have? We have a nice big backyard now, and I am ready for a big dog! CF loves them, too. D and S look like so much fun. :)

Alicia said...

He is just so gorgeous!! Yes, Sidamo, December is a great month -can't wait to see what these little ones think of Christmas!