Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monkey on his back

I thought if I wrapped it up like a present, he'd be more likely to welcome his new travel companion. He did quite like it and has been wearing it around the house for a few days, but I didn't break out the leash part until today. I put it on him to take him to a baseball game (that post is coming), and he immediately asked, "Like a dog?" and proceeded to bark all the way to the stadium. Yeah, we got some less-than-approving looks.


Alicia said...

How cute is that? He just has the sweetest smile. Benjamin's looking over my shoulder and yelled out, "He has a monkey backpack like I do!!" We've lost the tail part of ours (Ok, ok, the leash part) and it's really getting too tight for him, but Benjamin still squeezes into it around the house.

Cindy said...

He's too smart, darn! Even more reason to keep him on a tail :)

lifedance said...

Your child is BRILLIANT! Brilliant mommy too--I'm so taking cues from you. I love that you thought to wrap it like a gift.