Monday, February 23, 2009

African Extravaganza

A local refugee-resettlement group called the African Community Center puts on an annual African Extravaganza at the University of Denver. Last year I went alone with Sidamo (and fetus Nora). This year Greg joined us and we made an evening of it. The food is catered by local African restaurants (including one Ethiopian, one pan-African, and one Moroccan), there's music, and several Africa-focused groups and charities set up a small marketplace. It's not a very big or terribly organized event, but it's still a nice way to spend an evening and a good cause to support.

The difference in Sidamo between last year and this year was remarkable. Last year I remember several tantrums, a lot of crankiness, a time-out or two. During the music and dancing, he just sat on my lap. This year was delightful. Sidamo actually enjoyed himself, and would have been content to dance the night away if we hadn't imposed a curfew. (And as you can see from the video, by "dance the night away," I mean "run in circles until he collapses from dizziness.")

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cathy said...

this video is PRECIOUS!!!! oh my word, it is too adorable.