Thursday, May 21, 2009

11 months

Yikes! How does this keep happening? I blink, and baby girl is another month older. In the past month she has cut her first tooth (finally!), gotten much more steady on her feet, and continued to assert her dominance over the household. And in good news (I'm going to whisper this part) she seems to be figuring out the sleep thing. I'll just leave it at that so as not to jinx anything.

I'm starting to think about her first birthday, which seems entirely impossible. Wasn't it just minutes ago that I was lamenting the fact that she had overstayed her intrauterine welcome? In fact, didn't I just take this photo, like, last week?

Slow down, baby girl. This time is too precious to just race through the way you're doing.

But speaking of birthdays, what should I do for her first birthday cake? For Sidamo's first birthday with us, it was a no-brainer: FIRETRUCK! But Nora's passions are a little less defined at this point. Well, except for that one thing (or those two things, I guess), and Greg has already suggested it. Luckily this place is not too far away.

Would that be setting a bad kid's birthday party precedent? Would we write ourselves out of the birthday circuit forever?


Anonymous said...

i would *heart* if you got a boob cake for nora. I'd think of you as the coolest parents ever, and so very "following the child" and whatnot. You may face some HM ostraciziation, though.

Jamie Barkley said...

How about Nora and I have a joint birthday party. We can have a giant sun-shaped cake in honor of the impending doom that is summer.