Monday, May 25, 2009

New York (a.k.a. the George and Sidamo Show)

A few weeks ago we went to New York for the week (can you see the Statue of Liberty behind us? She's the little pillar a few inches behind and to the left of Sidamo's head). I had to go for Mindful Mama reasons, and Greg and the kids joined for a little vacation. We stayed with my sister Meaghan and her family in their incredible Chelsea apartment, and the kids had a ball.

Sidamo and George have finally realized that they can actually be friends instead of just competitors for toys. Either that or they've carefully calculated just how much more mischief they can accomplish if they join forces.

Just as proof that we did bring Nora, here's my one picture of her from the entire trip.

It rained the whole time we were in New York, which is actually quite lovely when you're from arid climes like ours (though I feel kind of silly saying that today, three days into nonstop, torrential rains—unheard of in Colorado). Luckily I was able to find Sidamo the raingear of his dreams at Century 21:

And it was quite fitting, since the NYFD was the highlight of Sidamo's trip. One day while I was working, Greg and Meaghan took the boys to the park. As they were walking there, they passed a fire truck. The fireman, seeing the wonderment in George and Sidamo's eyes, invited them in. He even pulled out some helmets for them to wear and let them turn on the lights. Hea. Ven.

On the next block, and on top of the world, Sidamo saw a parked ambulance. He shouted, "I want to get in that one!" To which Greg replied, "Nice try buddy, but you can't just get in every emergency vehicle you pass." To which the ambulance driver replied, "I heard that. Get in!"

Seriously, he has reached his pinnacle. You might as well give up now, Damo, because it's not gonna get any better than this. The park lacked a certain luster after such adventure.

Another day they all went to the Natural History Museum while I worked.

It was all fun and games until Sidamo saw the whale, and then the joke was over. I think his fear of underwater creatures might trace back to the 3D Under the Sea movie Greg took him to a few months ago. Or it could just be that whales are freaking huge.

A wonderful trip all around. Lots of good work done, and lots of good family and friend time to boot. We often come home from our New York trips thinking, "Hey, why don't we live there?" But then we remember that on our salaries (make that, salary) New York would look very different. And then I take the kiddos for a walk to our local park, in the (usually) dry spring warmth, and point out about 100 different flower varieties to Sidamo and Nora on our way, and I remember that I really do love it here in our small-city, big-mountain world.


cathy said...

what amazing photos. my deepest dream is to live in NYC, but i, too, would miss what we have here.

Cindy said...

My mom would commit evil acts to live the high life in NYC. Me, I'm so jealous of parents who can take their kids on vacations (and still have fun!)!

Does your sis live in an apt in the Chelsea district or the *actual* Chelsea Hotel (of Sid and Nancy murder fame). My mom and I stayed there on my first NYC trip and it was so ultra fantastic fun. Although Washington Square area was the best neighberhood to stay in (that would be trip #2), prettier, but I love the liveliness of Chelsea. OK, enough NY stories out of me! :)