Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I ain't afraid of no horse

Yesterday the kids and I went to visit my friends Karolyn and Susie, who have two beautiful horses: Beau and Sundance. Sidamo, historically, has been terrified of horses. Not just of horses, but of the greater part of the animal kingdom. In fact, it was just a couple of weeks ago he remembered last year's ill-fated visit to a nearby butterfly exhibit and told me, "Mommy, I think I'm brave enough to go to that place with the butterflies now."

We learned yesterday that his bravery is increasing with creatures even more intimidating than butterflies. Whereas the last time he met Beau and Sundance he wouldn't let me take him within five feet of the animals, this time he actually hopped right into the saddle—first with Karolyn riding behind him, and then, get this, he rode the horse all by himself. 

This is a big, big horse. He's not some circus pony or miniature horse, but a horse whose back is about as tall as I am. You could fit a tennis ball in his nostril (note: not advised). In other words, Beau is an imposing figure. In fact, when Karolyn put both my babies on his back and then stepped away to let Susie get this shot, the top of my head got hot and my lips went a little bit numb.

I kept my fear to myself, lest I awaken the terror sleeping in the recesses of Sidamo's brain.

Nora, on the other hand, shares not an ounce of our fear. She connects with all animals and would surely ride a rhino if given the opportunity. The little creatures capture her attention just as well as the big. The other day I took a break from my work to peek outside and found her crawling after ants on the patio whispering, "Can I hold you?" It just doesn't occur to her that an animal might hurt her (or vice versa—poor ants).

She took to the horse immediately, throwing herself into what looked like a pretty effective jockey position (really she was just trying to stroke Beau's mane as they rode). She too started off with Karolyn on board and then got to ride all by herself while Karolyn's wonderful sister Kathi kept a hand on her leg (meanwhile keeping mama from having a stroke). 


It was a wonderful visit, and something tells me the kids are going to be asking for more trips to "Aunt Karolyn's" very soon.


sajbat said...

You know, I share Sidamo's fear of the Butterfly Place. We went once last year and I then realized that up close, butterflies are just large insects with wings and not the magical beautiful creatures they appear to be from a safe distance. If he is indeed brave enough to venture there again, he is a stronger person than I.

Carol Lee said...

Common over to Amish Land....Princess is waiting for you!...She's not as big as that horse and she's a sweetie!...We'll have you riding in no time!! :-)