Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Three years ago, we cuddled our sweet little man for the first time. And by cuddled, I of course mean insecurely attempted to hold and soothe. And by sweet little man, I mean terrified, screaming, bawling, confused toddler. We celebrate this day for all it signifies—it was our first glimpse of what this life, this family, would be. But we don't forget what else it represents: tremendous loss that no child should ever have to suffer in order to be part of a family (something I always want to tell people who tell us how lucky he is).

Even amidst the emotional upheaval, we could see what a sweet, sensitive, and smart person we were bringing into our lives. What we didn't see is the vibrant, hilarious, confident, kinda crazy kid we have grown to know and love in these past three years.

Tell me again who the lucky ones are?


M and M said...

YOU, baby, YOU are the lucky one - and he's a charmer!

Mark and Sarah said...

You are truly lucky. That boy shines. What a gift.

Mama Papaya said...

Luckiest of all the luckies. Happy famiversary!