Tuesday, August 31, 2010


At my sister's apartment, Nora laid eyes on her newest, truest love: Petey. Petey has been in our family since my oldest sister was born—so for somewhere just over 29 years (you're welcome, Meg). When Meg had kids, our dad returned Petey to his first, rightful owner. (Note: Not Nora)

Nora discovered Petey while we were staying in Meg's apartment at the end of our trip, and she was pretty sure they were destined to be together.

Don't mess with destiny, Ma.

Either he's coming home with me, or I'm staying here. Don't make me choose.

Pleeeeeease, Mama?

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Mark and Sarah said...

Now that's sweet. Love the antique (??) toys...I wish my mom saved more of them. I miss the Fisher Price people!