Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I learned today

  • All the advance prep and on-time airport arrivals in the world can't get you on a flight if the airline is understaffed and the staff on hand gets a kick out of saying no. (I'm not going to mention the airline in question, but I will tell you that its name starts with an F.)
  • Not everyone takes pity on small children whimpering, "But Mommy, you said I could go on an airplane today," or "I really, really, really want to see my cousins! I miss them so much."
  • The name of the airline ends with -rontier. But that's all I'm telling. No more hints.
  • A long-overdue haircut and mani/pedi can make a bad day better.
  • Just because you can still do a cartwheel doesn't mean you should.
  • El Salvadorian food is delicious. 
  • El Salvadorian food is even more delicious when the tab for a decadent dinner for four (plus leftovers) comes to $17.75.


cathy said...

it's just not fair to have your vacation thwarted by a big, bad airline. bummer. but glad you had a good trip in the end.

Mike said...

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