Thursday, October 21, 2010

Menu planning

I'm living dangerously these days. My gas light went on two days ago, and I haven't filled up (granted, I've driven approximately 3 miles since then, but still). And my fridge is just about barren, save for a dozen eggs, a bunch of scallions, and half a stick of butter. The snack drawer has nothing in it but popping corn. The pantry has about half a million jars of canned goods, but I can't bring myself to break into them yet. The garden is still providing a couple of things (butternut squash, chard, and beets), and I have many pounds of green tomatoes ripening in boxes around the house. All good foods, but hard to eek a dinner out of them.

I hate to do it, but I think I'm actually going to have to go grocery shopping. And so I'm menu-planning. Here's what's on the lineup, and I'll try to post reviews after it's all been made:

Okay, so that's not a full week's worth, but it's a start!


jayme said...

Ugh! I am *so* right there with you. Lots of random stuff, but nothing to really create a meal out of. I've completely lost all motivation to cook since Jon hasn't been around for dinner much recently, and my kids have suddenly become the pickiest eaters alive!

I've been kicking around the idea of starting a group recipe sharing blog. You interested?

cathy said...

the pasta sounds incredible! can't wait to try it. you know, i've made a few incredible dishes lately that i've thought about sharing with you and jayme... i just need to get my rear in gear and send you the recipes. SO YES WE NEED TO START A GROUP RECIPE SHARING BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to come over sometime and have a cooking day. too bad we aren't neighbors and could have a cooking fest of several meals.

Lauren said...

So funny! I was going to cook white beans (puree) and sweet potatoes (roasted with pears) on Thursday too! But I didn't have the time for the sweet potatoes. And we were also going to do pizza tonight (at a pizza place after a Halloween parade though), but that backfired b/c of cranky kids.. Looks like we eat a lot of the same foods!