Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3-year-old baby

My sweet little girl turned 3 yesterday. In some ways—temper, simultaneous yet conflicting desires, extreme stubbornness, to give a few examples—she's 3 through-and-through.

In other ways, though, she's still the cuddly little baby who wants Mommy to hold, rock, and sing to her. A little like she was three years ago.

For her birthday, she wanted (what else?) a strawberry cake with a chicken on top. After scouring the web and finding the most unappetizing chicken-shaped cakes you could possibly imagine (really, try a quick google search), I found this adorable one. They were harder a lot more work than I imagined, but luckily my friend Jess came over to help. Voila:

Since Greg's birthday was last week too, we had a combined party on what turned out to be Father's Day (oops—need to check the calendar better next time).

It was a splendid day. Perfect weather, yummy food, and water play for the kids.

Such a fun celebration of my fun, quirky, chicken-loving chatterbox and her handsome, devoted, hilarious, and handy papa. I'm doubly blessed with my wonderful Geminis.


Bridget said...

O.k., I know I should be sentimental and crap, but I honestly can't get over HOW SKINNY YOUR ARMS ARE AFTER PREGNANCY. WTF?! I still love you.

Deirdre said...

Bridget, you're hilarious! I think it's the angle. Or the fact that my heartburn was SO awful that all I could eat for the last four months of that pregnancy was chocolate ice cream (I know, not something to complain about). But don't worry, I've bulked my arms up again! :)