Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My toddler, the drunk

Okay, so he's not actually drunk in this video, but he sure looks it.

Speaking of drunk, though, in one of our terribly poor parenting moments last weekend, Greg was sitting in the living room and turned to find Sidamo standing right next to him beginning to chug my brother-in-law's glass of wine. Oops! Luckily Greg caught it fast. Plus the glass was almost empty and the wine had been watered down pretty well with ice. We didn't notice a hangover the next day, and he was only a little loopier than usual that evening (and as you can tell from the video, he starts with the loopy bar pretty high), so I'd say he escaped unintoxicated.

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Heather & Adam said...

This morning Charlie pitched a FIT for a bottle of wine he saw in the fridge. (Yeah, cheap wine!) He thought it was Sprite. Maybe Sid and Charlie have been talking? They seem to be into the same things lately! :)