Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please knock on wood before reading this post

I hesitate to even put this out there, because it seems just way too ridiculously good to be true. So knock on wood with me.

Okay, here goes: I think Sidamo might possibly be more or less potty trained. About a month and a half ago, he started telling us every time he had to poo, so we would take him to the potty and he'd sit down and do his business (or not—we also had a lot of false alarms). After the holidays, I decided to take his diaper off and just leave him naked from the waist down while in the house to see if he could figure out how to pee on the potty too. Well, he did, immediately. After about 10 days with no accidents, I put pants (no diaper) on him and explained that he needed to pull his pants down before sitting on the potty. With the exception of two small accidents, he's been doing it reliably for the past two weeks. In fact, for the past week or so, we've even been taking him out of the house without a diaper on, and he hasn't had any mishaps. He still wears a diaper to sleep, but that means we're only going through two diapers a day and I've cut my laundry by about 75 percent.

Doesn't this seem precocious for a 25-month-old boy? In other words, isn't our kid the brightest child ever to walk this earth?? (Okay, now I'll certainly be struck down for hubris.) I've always heard that boys potty train later, but that kids in cloth diapers do it earlier, so maybe it all averages out. I'm just thrilled with the idea that he might be diaper-free before el segundo comes.

Before leaving you, here are some cute photos—no, not of the boy on the pot (I fear retribution, unlike Heather!). Daddy bought Damo the Cars movie, and for the first time the little guy has decided that TV is pretty cool. Or incredibly, irresistibly cool. Here are the guys having a little movie night.

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Alicia said...

Wow! Way to go, Sidamo!! That's awesome!! Can you please come to talk to Benjamin, who still refuses to poop in the potty after a full 8 months of being otherwised trained?? :)