Sunday, January 20, 2008


I haven't had any urges to decorate or shop for new baby yet, but I have been a teensy bit obsessed with diapering her (no, we don't know gender yet, but I'm thinking girl). We have one-size diapers for Sidamo, but despite their name they don't actually fit newborns. So assuming Sidamo keeps rocking potty training as he has been, baby numero duo will be able to use the one-sizes when she grows into them, but until then we'll need another solution. Enter my sketchy sewing skills:

The lavender one is a very soft terry exterior, and the orange one is a yummy velour. I'm planning to make about two dozen, but I haven't actually tested the pattern to see how it works, so I could end up with a bunch of very cute but entirely ineffective paperweights. Still, it's a fun way to keep my hands busy—because busying them with working, cleaning, or cooking would be way too boring.

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Alicia said...

Those are awesome!! They look SO comfy and soft!! As someone whose sewing skills are taxed sewing a button on, I am extremely impressed. Can't wait to see the little peanut in them! :)