Friday, March 7, 2008

Girl Scouts vs. My Esophagus

Two weeks ago, pregnancy-related heartburn hit. It's worst at night and after I eat carbs.

Three weeks ago, I ordered Girl Scout cookies. Tonight they arrived.

They look so, so yummy, but the threat of staying up all night with heartburn has held me back so far. I won't say it's easy—we wait all year for this day, and when it finally comes, it hurts to have to sit on the sidelines. It's like waking up Christmas morning to a bunch of presents I can't open.

Dramatic? Maybe. But now you know how strongly I feel about Samoas and Tag-alongs.


rebekah said...

This is so funny. I had heartburn toward the end of my pregnancy, a few years ago. Now, travel date looming to pick up our darling in Ethiopia, that heartburn is back in full force. And, right in the middle, our 4 boxes of cookies arrived. Let's just say you are stronger than me. Those cookies are yummy.

rebekah (from the forum)

Heather & Adam said...

I want Caramel Delites!!
Do you need my shipping address? You might as well just get rid of them, right??

Soon, my dear. Soon we will be done and have our girls here, where EVERYONE can help out!

shelly said...

you might be able to freeze them and et them later..I froze some shortbread girl scout cookies last year and months later they still tasted good

Julie said...

Oh no. What about a preemptive dose of Pepto and then cookies? Those girl scouts are everywhere. Shelly is right, they freeze quite well. (We are defrosting a box now and may have to speed things up with our microwave).