Saturday, March 15, 2008

Indignity and other updates

Well, Daisy, if you weren't so hell-bent on ripping out your stitches, it wouldn't have come to this. Besides, this is nothing compared to the time you had to wear adult diapers with a tail-hole cut out.

Still no word from the pathologist, so keep your fingers crossed. But Thursday evening, Daisy somehow managed to extract herself from the long-sleeved t-shirt she was wearing, fall down the stairs, and bust open the incision on her leg—necessitating a return visit to the vet where she got this nice new accessory. Earlier in the week (I think it was the evening of Daisy's surgery, but the week has become a blur), Saffron ripped one of her toenails off, leaving oodles of blood everywhere and prompting my sister to ask if we had run over a nun to deserve such a pox on our house.

In happier pictures, here's Sidamo helping his Grandpa open birthday presents a few weeks ago.

And here's a Sidamo and Mama self-photo at what has to be the coolest place on earth: Playgrounds, a restaurant/playground in Boulder. Such a good idea—grown-ups can eat (and even drink, if you're not in a fragile state such as mine) while the kids play in a very nicely designed and open play area. Every city should have one of these. Maybe even on every street corner.

Thanks everyone for all your concern about us this week. We're all feeling much better. The cough lingers, but even that is much better now. Last night I actually got an almost uninterrupted night of sleep (I was up maybe five times instead of 50). Fingers are crossed for an even better night tonight.

Sidamo's first sleepover went swimmingly. Grandma and Pappy report that he went to sleep without fuss and slept straight through until 7:30. I'm glad we had that little experiment, because we're going to need to spend the night away from him for that whole childbirth thing, and we've been worried about how he'd react. It couldn't have gone better—maybe because he was so relieved to get away from his sick, boring parents (his recurring question this week: "Mommy all done sleep yet?").

And finally, in case you were wondering just how exciting the life of a 10-year-old Great Dane is, here you go:


Alicia said...

Oh Daisy, our Sophie (a probable Dane mix) can relate!! A few years ago, we had a lot of fun with chewed out stitches, a late night trip to the emergency vet clinic, the cone head...never a dull moment! Hope she heals up quickly!!

What a cute self portrait! I always manage to cut someone's head off when I try. And ITA that it sounds like everywhere needs a Playgrounds - I know I'd love one right about now as winter drags on!

I'm so glad the sleepover was such a success! WTG Sidamo!

Heather & Adam said...

Poor lamp shade puppy! We have used that before on our old dog, Henry. No fun at all.
Glad everyone is on the mend! You and Sid are too cute. :)
Any baby sis names yet? Has Sidamo picked one?