Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mean mommy

The other night after I put Sidamo to bed and Greg and I were watching TV, I heard a sweet, sing-songy voice coming from upstairs. I asked Greg to turn down the volume so we could hear what he was singing. Here's what we heard:

"Mean mommy, mean mommy, mean, mean mommy."


We were laughing so hard I couldn't manage to muster hurt feelings. I can't say I blame the kid for his sentiment. We've been having a testy week—Sidamo is fully embracing his inner 2-year-old, defying my every rule and throwing massive tantrums several times a day, and I'm having major back and hip pain that leaves me a little less patient than usual. I did take a little lesson from his song, though, and I've been working really hard at ignoring the more minor transgressions and picking my battles. It seems to be working, and today was a very happy and lovey day for momma and kiddo alike.

The day is only getting better, thanks to Greg (best husband ever) who is currently out buying me a hot fudge sundae. Sorry, ladies, he's spoken for.


Stormy said...

Your stories make me laugh!

Alicia said...

Ah, you've joined the official ranks now! I'm quite sure Eliza is thinking it, she doesn't have the verbal ability to get it out. :)

cathy said...

On the floor laughing!!!

Heather & Adam said...

I'm sure you aren't really a mean mommy. Great story, though...

Can you get your hubby to call my hubby? I think Adam is getting a little burnt out on the late night snack runs. SIGH.

Diane said...

Shall I send you your "Mean Mommy" Mommy-merit badge for your sash?

There are plenty of other merit badges available. For instance,

spit-shining your child's face
sending him to school in unmatched shoes
wiping off food that fell on the floor and serving him anyway
plunking him in front of the TV so you can spend some alone time in the bathroom

the list goes on and on