Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Denver, as you know if you've been conscious at any point this week, is playing host to the Democratic National Convention. We, like every other Democrat in the state, tried to get tickets to Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium on Thursday, but we were wait-listed. Bummer, but we still wanted to take part in the action somehow. We would have loved to have volunteered so we could actually be in the Convention Center at some point this week, but that's hard to do with an energetic toddler and a 24-hour-a-day nurser. So instead we packed up the kids and headed downtown on Sunday to check out the scene. It was wonderful to see so many people—and so much enthusiasm—in downtown Denver, which is normally a rather sleepy town.

We saw some very small protests against the two-party system, one person carrying an anti-war sign (it's the DNC; I think we're all on the same page there), and two anti-Obama people. The first was a man marching up and down the 16th Street Mall with a sign reading, "NOBAMA! No experience, no something, no something else" (that was slightly paraphrased). The other one, and I so, so, so wish I had taken a picture of this, was a monstrous vehicle—a black F950 with tires that must have been at least 6 feet tall—that idled noisily in front of us as we sat on a patio and enjoyed a lovely meal. Scribbled all over it in white paint were very eloquent arguments against Obama, such as, "Obama can't save your souls, only God can! Vote McCain!" and other equally persuasive gems. I just shook my head, but Greg pointed out the divine justice: The driver of that car burned about $50 in fuel in the time it took for the light to turn green. If only he had realized what a parody of himself he was.

We didn't witness any of the pro-Hillary, I'll-vote-for-McCain-before-Barack fanatics the media so loves to aggrandize. Even Hillary supporters seemed energized, excited, and determined to see a Dem in the White House come winter. Oh, and not crazy. I'm sure there are a few people who have gone off the deep end and decided to switch parties because their candidate didn't win, but I'm convinced they're few and far between (read this Salon article, which makes that argument much more thoroughly and hilariously).

Anyway, back to our sightseeing. At Union Station, historic trains were on display, which made for a very happy Sidamo.

The MSNBC on-site set. Crazy that they can throw together such an elaborate operation for just one week's use.

In case you were wondering, yes, this horse has a penis.

Swat team, I guess?

Nora was rapt.

At the restaurant patio after our nice stroll.

This is how Nora spent the meal.


Alicia said...

Very cool! I thought of you guys when we were watching it on TV the other night.

Glad to hear you weren't swayed by the well thought out arguments of the other side. :)

jayme said...


1. i'm totally jealous that you guys are there. i can only imagine the electricity in the air. (not to mention the fact that i just plain miss colorado and desprately need a trip to tattered cover)

2. the kids and i have been watching the speeches with me and cheering "go democrats!" might as well get 'em engaged young!

3. the horse penis is hysterical. especially because my children must always tell me what has a penis and what has a vagina.

cathy said...

THANK YOU for the photos. They are amazing!! We will be watching the speech tonight at home, too.

Heather & Adam said...

OH, it's so exciting! I am jealous!
What an amazing thing we get to witness. Here's to November, baby!