Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Someday you'll be a man

No wanting for blog topics with all the gems Sidamo is coming out with lately. This one took place in the bathroom.

Sidamo, as I was taking a seat: No, Mommy, stand up!
Me: I sit down to pee.
S: When you're older and grown you'll stand up?
Me: No, I'm a woman. Women sit to pee.
S: Daddy stand up to pee?
Me: Yes, Daddy's a man.
S: When you're older and grown you'll be a man?


Cindy said...


Alicia said...

Once again, I swear Sidamo and Benjamin would get along so well - we've had ALOT of those kinds of conversations. Be prepared...our most recent one involved him being sure that he could stand for BM's....

Liza said...

Right back at you about your blog. Yours is the gold standard that I aspire to when I'm writing, so thank you for the wonderful compliment. I love reading it, your writing's fantastic, and you're fabulous.

P.S. Mommy *is* a good Deirdre, and we miss you terribly.

Christina said...

lol...you need to coin a phrase for these little gems. how about sidisms?

Melissa said...

That's hilarious!