Thursday, August 7, 2008

The F train, or something like it

We're off to New York tomorrow for our first vacation as a family of four. We're not visiting the city, unfortunately (though we'd love to see all our NYC friends), but will instead be taking the train to the ferry to Fire Island. Sidamo insists we'll be taking the F train to Coney Island, because that's the way it goes in Chicken and Cat, a favorite book (thanks, Matt & Sonia!). We're sort of dreading the travel, but once we make it to our destination it should be nothing but fun and relaxation. We'll stay with my sister and her family, in close walking distance from my aunt and uncle who have summered in FI since before I was born. I have so many fond memories of visiting them there during my childhood and I'm excited to share it with my kids.

This was another funfilled week. On Thursday we took a trip to the "farm" with Grandma and Scarlett. Scarlett is a born animal lover—she rode the horse until she was practically dragged off, all the while screaming something that sounded a lot like, "Ride 'em, cowboy!" She would have done the same to the goats if they had let her. Sidamo, on the other hand, clung nervously to me and talked incessantly about the horse's (quite notable) penis. It went something like this:

S: Horse have a penis?
Me: Yes, the horse has a penis.
S: Like boys and men?
Me: Yes, he's a boy horse.
S: Horse go peepee on the potty?
Me: No, he goes peepee on the ground.
S: With his penis?
Me: Yes.
S: Horse wag his tail?
Me, relieved that we're finally off the private-parts discussion: Yes.
S: And his penis?

Oh lordy. The woman whose horses we were observing thought Sidamo might be interested in brushing the horse since he was quite vocal about his opposition to riding it, but it turns out contact in any form was a no-go. Here's some video of Sidamo reflecting on his brushing decision while watching his more adventurous cousin.

Nora interlude—not much to report here, other than ever-increasing cuteness.

Sleeping with one eye open. Smart.

Post bath, wearing the most ridonkulously adorable piece of baby attire ever—a plush (as in stuffed-animal plush) bathrobe. Thanks Suzanne, Amanda, et. al.!

At some point this week Greg taught Sidamo what a wedgie is. Life in this house will never be the same. The lesson came at bedtime when Sidamo was getting his jammies on. Now every night at bedtime he pulls up his own pants as high as they'll go and says, "Take a picture?"

Monday I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Cathy, a blog friend who adopted her youngest child from Ethiopia a couple months before we adopted Sidamo. Cathy, her daughter Lily, and her son Zinabu took a nice long drive to meet me, Sidamo, and Nora at the play area of our local mall. The kids had a blast, and Cathy and I had a great time chatting. She's a much wonderful and seasoned mother, and I was inspired by seeing her stellar parenting in action. I also took heart in hearing that it didn't feel totally natural for her at first—sometimes I feel like I'm just missing some mothering magic and I'll never be a great mom, so it's good to hear that it's not something that's necessarily always there, and in fact it can develop and improve over time.

Zinabu is hamming it up for the camera. Sidamo is taking notes. Lily is far too cool for these silly boys.

Tuesday I went to visit Alex and Tiffany in their beautiful new home to meet their beautiful new daughter, Tegan, who is going on three weeks old. She made my little munchkin look like a behemoth. In fact, when I walked in with Nora in her carseat, Tiffany said, "Oh my god, you have a 9-month-old!" Tegan is petite and beautiful, and I can't believe Nora was like that just a few weeks ago. I won't get all nostalgic again, but man, it's still hard to believe how fast they grow. Alex and Tiffany are natural mamas; Tegan's a lucky girl!

Alex is holding Nora, Tiffany is holding Tegan.

Tuesday evening our wonderful friends Dayn and Michelle came by with dinner for us. They're on the cusp of parenthood too (if dinner with Sidamo didn't scare them off). They just finished up their home study and are waiting for news on their domestic adoption. We can't wait to see them welcome a child into their family—they're some of the sweetest and funniest people we know, and they'll make wonderful parents.

Whew. That was an action-packed week. I imagine next week's post will be shorter—just lots of pictures of sand, water, and tasty meals with family. Fun times.


Christina said...

Hysterical - that Sidamo cracks me up! Could your kiddos be any cuter?!

rebekah said...

We're having a lot of penis discussions around here too. I won't even go into what Quinn comes up with - way too out there for public posting!

Have fun on vacation - the travel will go fine.

Julie said...

Extremely cute...all of you! Have a great trip!

Jonathan said...

Have a wonderful trip. said...

It was so great meeting you at the airport! Hope I didn't scare you off by recognizing you! Sidamo is even cuter in person...

Happy Travels!

Alicia said...

Ah, penis conversations and wedgies - Yep, he's a full fledged little boy! :) He and Benjamin would get along well - throw in fart jokes and they'd be long lost fraternity brothers.

Miss Nora just keeps getting cuter and cuter - she has the most kissable little face!

I hope you're all having a great trip!