Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 months (and change)

Blogger's being funky, so I'll just do a photo post, with a quick note to say that the kids are as delightful as ever. In Nora's 5th month, she found all sorts of reasons to giggle, mastered rolling in both directions, started scooting backwards and holding herself up on her arms, figured out that her hands are capable of doing more than scratching her poor mama, and decided that sleep's for babies—and she's no baby. We're more deeply in love with her every day, and I think the feeling may be mutual.

Sidamo's sense of humor and charm continued to develop, and he's becoming such a wonderful little person. He's started singing some new songs (and correcting me when I don't dance quite right during his performances—"No, Mommy, move your feet like this!"). He's sweet and lovey and cuddly and kind. And again, we're more in love every day.

How did I get so lucky?


Christina said...

These pictures made me giggle. :)

sara-lou said...

How did you get so lucky? Because you are simply the sweetest kindest person yourself, Dree-ay-ya!!

Alicia said...

Look at that gorgeous girl! And Sidamo's cheese face is just classic - at least he'll still smile for the camera!!