Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To sleep, perchance to be awakened every 20 minutes

Sorry for the blog silence, but we're battling some sleep issues here, and I'm drowning. Apparently a 4-month sleep regression is totally normal. Nora clearly got the memo; I didn't. Here's one of our fun nights of late:

8–11 on and off sleep
11 asleep
11:45 awake, nurses to sleep
12:30 awake, nurses to sleep
1:15 awake, nurses to sleep
2 awake, fussing, wanting to be rocked. For four hours.
6 finally falls asleep again
7 awake, nurses to sleep
8 up for the day


I'm getting through it by reminding myself that she'll only be this young once, and her smile is magical, even at 3 a.m. The tough thing is that I took on more work—including a new publication I'm very excited about and will post about soon—to make up for a project that I lost. That means that in my (barely) awake hours, I've actually been expected to function. Who knows how well I've been doing, but at least the work is getting done. Blogging and housework, on the other hand …

Despite the terrible sleep, we're having lots of fun around here. Sidamo is in a really, really delightful stage right now. I think (hope?) we're at the tail end of a difficult few months, with lots of tantrums, defiance, and so forth. But we pulled him out of what turned out to be a really bad school situation, and since then things have been looking up. I'm having so much fun hanging out with him during the day. Nora is a dream as well. She's giggly, cuddly, and perfect in every way but one (see the schedule above). And she's mobile beyond her months (see previous post).

Oh well, I know you don't come here to read my gripes, so here's the eye candy you've so earned.


cathy said...

I've missed you but you have a REALLY good reason for not posting!

lisa said...

hey~wish I had more to offer, but s and I are on our own on Sunday and would love to pick sidamo up for a playdate, if that's at all helpful. we're probably going to the zoo.
we're struggling with sleep stuff too, but it pales to what you are living with

Mama Papaya said...

I am speechless. Oh Mama. I would be a complete wreck. Sending your girl some serious sleep vibes. Hang in there.

Heather & Adam said...

Yikes on the sleep, but dang those kids are adorable. Mal has that same little brown outfit! Love it.
Charlie has been a little crazy the last few weeks, so hopefully Sidamo will send him some "be good" vibes. I'll get Mallory to send Nora some "good sleep" ones, too!
Looking forward to hearing about your new project! Missed ya.

Mark and Sarah said...

Oh mama! That is terrible. I feel your pain, literally. Hoping for better nights and soon. One thing we know for sure...these babies keep changing on us, just when we think we've figured them out!

Alicia said...

Oh D, I remember very well WAY too many nights like that with hard! I hope she gives you a break soon! I'm sorry to hear that the school situation wasn't working out! But he sure as heck is rockin' the undies! :)