Thursday, November 13, 2008

This could be yours

I promised to tell you about the new publication I've been working on, called Mindful Mama. It's a very cool new online resource for thoughtful parents—parents who try to incorporate the greater good (their communities, the environment, the world) into their parenting decisions. Who strive to help their children develop into thoughtful, competent, and confident human beings. I suspect that describes a great many of you.

We’re getting ready to launch our free e-newsletter, and I’d love it if you’d sign up and encourage to do the same. The first edition, which will go out 11/18, will feature:
  • A guide to this year’s coolest, most socially responsible holiday gifts,
  • 5 ways to infuse your kids’ Thanksgiving with mindfulness,
  • Mouth-watering recipes, and
  • More mindful parenting tips and suggestions.
That line-up—and the fact that you’d be doing me a solid—is probably enough reason for you to sign up and help spread the word, but in case you need a little more motivation, Mindful Mama is offering more incentive. Here’s a message from Sarah Kraft, the founder of Mindful Mama:

Dear Mindful Mama, We’re just one week away from launching our FREE e-newsletter — complete with our guide to this year’s coolest eco-conscious gifts — and we want to make sure it gets into the inboxes of all those mindful moms out there. Post our widget on your blog and be entered into a drawing to WIN a Svan Convertible High Chair ($259 value). Don't have a blog? Forward this message to 50 friends and family and cc us, and we'll treat it like a blog posting. Be sure to create your Mindful Mama account first. You must be a member of our community to qualify for the drawing. This is a really cool prize, if I do say so myself! To view product details for the highchair, click here. If you are already a member of the Mindful Mama community, you have an advantage: Post our subscription widget on your blog, or forward this message to friends and family, and you’ll be entered into our drawing FIVE TIMES, not just once.

Deadline: November 18.


Christina said...

Hey, it says the widget is unavailable :(.

Deirdre said...

Really? Did you click on "get widget"? It works for me and Greg. Any other experimenters?

Qiuqiu's parents said...

I can get the widget (from your sidebar link), but it refuses to link when I try to sign up with Mindful Mama.