Saturday, March 28, 2009


The breadmaking wave is passing; I can feel it. Luckily, sewing cute pants has followed close behind. I saw the adorable Miss Qiu Qiu wearing adorable ruffle pants the other day and was inspired (read: obsessed). I've been trolling sewing blogs since then to try to figure out how to make them, and I pieced together an approximation that I'm quite pleased with. After a few hours of intermittent sewing today, Nora got these:

close-up of the ruffle

Nora's new fake smile

I see several more of these coming. In fact, Greg's friend Gabriel, a very talented fashion designer, just passed down some beautiful organic stretchy fabric (I'm sure there's a better name for it than that), and I'm going to use some of it for more of these pants. The fabric is a neutral off-white color (not a great choice for Stainy McStain), so I'm looking at natural dyeing options. So far I've read about coffee grounds, turmeric, paprika, and avocado peels/pits. Other ideas? Like, maybe, step away from the sewing blogs and unload the dishwasher?

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cathy said...

If you can master the "ruffle"--and it looks like you have--you'll be able to stretch her pants when she's 6 and 7 and outgrowing them every 3 weeks! Those are darling...