Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marital bliss

While our regular nanny is away for a couple of months, we have a wonderful woman named Cara taking care of the kids for a few hours every morning so I can work. Sidamo is totally smitten.

The other day, as soon as he woke up, Sidamo started asking for Cara. I said, "You really like Cara, don't you?"

Sidamo: Yes.

Me: Is Cara a good babysitter?

Sidamo: She's not my babysitter.

Me: No? Who is she?

Sidamo: She's my husband.

How did this kid get so funny? I laughed—a lot—and from that point on, he has stood firm in his assertion that he's Cara's wife and Cara's his husband. I tried to explain that they're not actually married, but if they were, their roles would be reversed. "You know, like with mommy and daddy: Daddy's my husband, and I'm Daddy's wife."

A few hours after that conversation, he asked, "Mommy, is Daddy your life?"

"That's an interesting question, kiddo, but I think you mean 'wife.'" And even that is an interesting question.

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