Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She stands!

I left Nora in the living room while I powdered my nose and returned to find her kneeling at the table, which she'd never done before.

So I grabbed the camera, thankful to have the opportunity to document this first. Little did I know a bigger first was about to occur. Baby girl pulled herself up to standing!

As you can see, it doesn't end too well, but she was no worse for the wear—hard heads run in the family.


Christina said...

woohoo, go nora!

and the sudden intake of breath was classic, D. :)

cathy said...

Yay Nora!!!

Heatherbean said...

You go, Nora! The ending was a smash!

Cindy said...

Hey, great camera catching mama! I couldn't believe it when I was filming my guys one fine day and caught Bereket's very first free standing steps on film.

Way to go cutsey Nora! :)