Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 months (and thensome)

Nora is in the double-digits; her mama is in shock. I've officially become the woman who harasses mothers of newborns exclaiming, "I can't believe my baby was ever that small!" And then going on and on about how, no really, it was just yesterday that Nora was that tiny. And they look at me the way I looked at moms of 10-month-olds when Nora actually was that tiny—like, "You're not even in my league anymore, lady. My baby is a tiny, innocent, perfect little newborn. Your kid is a teenager, already corrupted by the world. She's probably smoking pot in her crib."

This month has brought increased mobility and speed, and, subsequently, lots of bruises on the forehead. I try to help her avoid falls, but there's only so much you can do. Hey, she's developing her resiliency, right?

The jabbering is picking up a lot, and her language comprehension is improving noticeably. She knows who mama, dada, and Damo are, and she also dances when she hears the word dance, or the sound of the coffee grinder. She waves goodbye when she hears bye-bye. I'm working hard on training her on some more tricks.

She hates hats and sunglasses. Rephrase: She hates sunglasses on her face and hats on her head. Either one in her mouth is A-OK.

She's crawling on her knees more, especially when she's on carpet. On hardwoods she still does the army crawl. She can finally sit on her own, which was a long time coming. It wasn't that she couldn't sit until now, exactly, but that she's so intent on moving that she would throw herself backwards to get into a mobile position. Now she's figured out how to go from seated to crawling, so she's now allowed to sit without wearing a helmet.

She continues to adore her big brother, and he is so, so sweet with her. He helps her, watches out for her, and tries (almost always successfully) to make her laugh. It's really fun to watch their relationship develop, and I wonder how it will be when Nora is able to keep up with Sidamo (and compete with him for toys).

Norasaur, you're my sweet little toothless beauty, and I adore every teensy bit of you.


Heatherbean said...

Can you believe these girls are growing up so fast? Nora is beautiful! I hope Mal starts talking more soon. We gotta get these ladies together!

Mama Papaya said...

Look at her grow!