Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's here!

After months of really, really hard work on the part of very many talented friends and colleagues (and, OK, myself too), I'm proud to introduce you to Mindful Mama. Say hello. Ooh and aah a bit. Tell me you love it. Please. (And if that's true, share it with all your friends!)

There's so much I love about the site—hubris, I know—but here are some of my favorite features:
  • Julie's article, The Weight of the Weight, which poignantly describes what it's like to be waiting … and waiting, and waiting to become a parent.
  • Melissa's 30-Day Healthy Home Challenge. Some are things I do already, some are things I should do, all are things I'm committing to for the next 30 days. You?
  • Mindy's Urban Agriculture article. If this doesn't convince Greg to say yes to my flock of hens and pair of goats, I don't know what will.
  • The Mindful Mama Community. I'm a big fan of the content portion of the site, of course, but this is where the real fun lies. The Mindful Mama Community is so much more than just forums or discussions like you find on other parenting sites. This is a place to blog, to host photos and videos, to connect with mama friends, to microblog (a la Facebook or Twitter) about stuff you'd never post on Facebook or Twitter. There are still some glitches in this portion of the site, but it's 95% of the way there, and it's fun to start playing around and getting oriented.
Okay, enough gushing. I hope you'll visit the site, and I hope you'll find it to be the inspiring, welcoming community and resource it's designed to be. And of course, if you have any ideas for improvement I'm all ears!


tmcs said...

Congratulations! I just spent an hour digging around Mindful Mama and loved it!

Jen and Dan said...

Love it! I will visit often. : )