Sunday, April 12, 2009



Please tell me you have a humane way to deter woodpeckers from attacking chimneys at the crack of dawn, because I'm about two mornings away from watching my normally reasonable husband lose his sh*t. If you don't want to see him camped out in our front yard, in his bathrobe, armed with a BB gun, you'll help me intervene.


(Woodpecker photo by Sergey Yeliseev)


Brian Bell said...

Try getting some shiny Metallic HVAC tape.. really any tape that is reflective.. and stick it to some string(so it looks like a 1st place ribbon you get at track day as a kid) and nail it on the side of the house by where he is attacking the fireplace.. way up high.. The wind making it flutter around will scare him off. sounds strange but it works.

cathy said...

My mom adhered a tin pie pan to the spot her woodpecker was going at it. And for the record, my good friend Eric DID sprint out to his front lawn in his underwear with a BB gun and went ballistic on a woodpecker. Not a pretty sight.