Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 year old

Can someone please explain to me how, in a matter of 365 short days, this:

becomes this?

Norasaur turned 1 yesterday, and I still just can't wrap my head around it. I'm loving her at this age—her clapping, blowing kisses, standing on her own (!), playing peekaboo, giggling, throwing tantrums (wait, do I love that part?)—but I am just bewildered by how quickly time is passing. I do miss the squishy little newborn stage, but I think what really freaks me out is the idea that if one year could pass in the blink of the eye, 18 years will pass in, what, 18 blinks of the eye?

Lest you think I spent her whole special day curled in a ball in my bed weeping for days gone by, here are some pictures of actual, happy interaction from the day. The weeping went undocumented.

Opening her gift from her big bro—wooden stacking rings. He picked them out and wrapped them all by himself.

He's very sweet—since yesterday, he's been bringing the toy over to her so she can play with it whenever she looks bored.

Melissa and Sena at Nora's birthday barbecue.

Miss Teegan, with mamas Tiffany and Alex, checking out the playroom.

Nora trying to drink her Legos out of my wine glass. Is nothing mine anymore?

Not sure what to make of her birthday cupcake. Luckily big brother was there to help.

Modeling proper cupcake eating technique.

Annnnnnnd, some more boozing. Before you call DFS, I assure you that no alcohol actually passed those lips. She just faceplants onto every beverage vessel she sees for whatever reason.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Nora! Looks like a fun time was had by all :).

Julie said...

Happy Beer Day,er, I mean Birthday Nora!

Jamie Barkley said...

Happy birthday, Nora! My mom wrote me the sweetest letter about my birth. I think she's feeling how bittersweet it is to have her baby grow up in 35 blinks of an eye too. :)

Sam said...

Nora and alcohol is like me and cake.