Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Camping Trip

What, you don't come to this blog just for the bird updates? Well then, here are some photos of the family from our first camping trip together. It was lovely—we were feet from the river, where Greg and Sidamo could fish, and we shared the weekend with some friends and their sweet daughter Hazel (or "Sizzle," as Sidamo has taken to calling her). The kids did great and loved being outdoors for 48 hours straight. Nora consumed her weight in mud and pebbles. Sidamo spent almost the entire time with his toy fishing pole in the water.

I think I've mentioned that the kids and I are vegetarian; Sidamo is just starting to figure out the whole meat=animal connection, and we're having some funny conversations about it lately. Including this one, by the river:

Sidamo (with his little toy hook in the water): Why I have my hook in the water?

Me: Because you're trying to catch a fish.

Sidamo: How do I catch a fish?

Me: Well, the fish will come along and see your hook, and he'll think it's food. Then you reel him in.

Sidamo: Hmm. I don't like it, but that's the whole purpose of fishing.

I love that he can shut off his morals that way. It'll come in handy later in life.

We're all quite thrilled that the trip went as well as it did, because we were vividly aware of the potential for disaster. Actually, I guess we did have a little taste of disaster on the way home, when Sidamo vomited gallons upon gallons of campfire cooking all over himself, his carseat, the car, all our belongings … it was truly remarkable. But I guess if that's the worst that happened, we can count this trip as a success.

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cathy said...

I'm SO glad you had a fun trip (aside from the vomit, of course)! Those pictures show so much joy on Sidamo's face. Awfully brave of you to camp with a baby and a boy who can easily compromise his morals, so I'm glad it was a success.